Fork Data Structure

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HFS Plus maintains information about the contents of a file using the HFSPlusForkData structure.

C struct [TXT]

struct HFSPlusForkData {
 UInt64 logicalSize;
 UInt32 clumpSize;
 UInt32 totalBlocks;
 HFSPlusExtentRecord extents;
typedef struct HFSPlusForkData HFSPlusForkData;
typedef HFSPlusExtentDescriptor HFSPlusExtentRecord[8];
struct HFSPlusExtentDescriptor {
 UInt32 startBlock;
 UInt32 blockCount;
typedef struct HFSPlusExtentDescriptor HFSPlusExtentDescriptor;

Fields of the fork data structure


description: The size, in bytes, of the valid data in the fork.


description: For HFSPlusForkData structures in the volume header, this is the fork's clump size, which is used in preference to the default clump size in the volume header. For HFSPlusForkData structures in a catalog record, this field was intended to store a per-fork clump size to override the default clump size in the volume header.


description: The total number of allocation blocks used by all the extents in this fork.


description: An array of extent descriptors for the fork. This array holds the first eight extent descriptors. If more extent descriptors are required, they are stored in the extents overflow file.


description: The first allocation block in the extent.


description: The length, in allocation blocks, of the extent.

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